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Custom Work
We do various custom jobs for
folks who want us to. As you
can see it covers a wide variety
of projects and material.
Log Truss
We make log railings in both
pine and white cedar from
Minnesota–the only instance that
we leave the state for trees. Pine
is usually used for interior
applications, and the cedar for
exterior/exposed areas.
Fireplace mantels is
another specialty. We
provide mantels for  our
good friends down at
Center Stove and Fireplace
in Richland Center, plus
doing some for individuals
who have asked us to.
One (not pictured) was
built from a log from an
original settlers cabin.
The bottom one pictured
here is made from local red
Just ask, and we’ll see if
we can make it! These
sliding barn door style
doors were made by
special request from
a picture on Pinterest.