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              With 14 years’ experience
               building log homes behind
               him, Jere has a lot of
               experience in their
               construction, as well as
               care and maintenance.
He does staining and chinking on log
homes, as well as rot repair. On
occasion he takes on a new building
project, such as the barn featured on
the Board and Batten page. So if you
have a project you’d like to have done,
don’t be afraid to ask for a free quote.
And remember... maintenance is cheaper
in the long run than having to repair a
neglected rotten spot! However, we stay
within a 60 mile radius for these services.
Staining a log home.
Rot repair on a
windowsill in an 11
year old log home.
New construction.
Rot repair and chinking
in a 100 year old settlers’